Angel n Bella uses the best material, Minky, to make the blanket which is the best choice for babies. Our design gives the babies the finest and softest touch, and the layers of the lace are arranged like blossomed flowers that symbolize the joy and happiness of the newborn life. The material is specially chosen to use short fiber that won’t cause any allergic and anti-germs. The most important thing is the blanket is easy to clean. Angel n Bella designs a series of products, such as baby bibs, kid bibs, security blanket, receiving blanket, baby car seat covers and all sorts of blankets. They’re not only comfortable but also have variety pattern for our customers to choose. We also have luxury and fashionable patterns of animal fur so our customers can wear it out beautifully.

Why is it important to give your child a nice baby blanket? Angel n Bella uses special rough dots design on one side of our security blanket and receiving blanket to train babies' strength of gripping and stimulate babies' brain developing. From our research, babies love the touch of special rough dots design and that give them great sense of security. Blankets can be used from babyhood to grownup. Therefore, a good blanket can be treasured for a lifetime. Angel n Bella knows what you want and always gives you the best!